GT Form is one of the leader thermoform and mould manufacturer company in Turkey, with turn key innovative solutions which has been manufacturing inmould cutting tools and all equipments for Tilting Thermoform and Steel Rule Thermoform machines since 2004. We have more than 60 machines and 250 moulds in Turkey and over 250 machines and 1000 moulds in world wide. We have been operating with its team of 95 expert staff and R&D department, presenting innovative and robust solutions at a favourable price, has grown into a position to export to 5 continents and more than 30 countries. We export %75 of our produced machines and they are being run successfully worldwide.


Other advantage of GT Thermoforms, all spears are 365 days available in our stock and we have excellent after sale service for our clients.


We know that this is not sale machine this is begining of long term partnership therefore our target is customer sadisfaction and non stop thermormers with highest yield.